ZADD: ADD value. SUBTRACT hassle.
Plug us in.

In our native Arabic tongue our name says: growth and adding value.​

يدل اسم شركتنا في اللغة العربية على النمو والقيمة المضافة

Born in a rapidly evolving Arab region and built to rise up to the challenges of a global, networked economy, we're redefining business process outsourcing for a growing number of multinational and local clients.

Three unique companies. Three specializations. One philosophy. To find a niche, and build a powerful set of flexible and reliable services that can be seamlessly plugged in by clients into their organizations, in a manner so well integrated they forget that they're "outsourcing".

Ultimately, we want our clients to feel we are their in-house team, out of the box: a source of talent and skills at their fingertips, always on and ready. It's a business approach that not only delivers more flexibility and cost benefits, but also better execution, better results and, above all, enables our clients to focus on what makes them great.

Our companies

Today, we're a family of three companies, each focused on a unique niche.

At ZADD NUMBERS, we’re pioneering the concept of providing plug-in, outsourced professional accounting and financial management services to the Arab region’s innovative and dynamic small and medium sized companies. Dozens of tech startups, fast-growth enterprises as well as established businesses across all sectors, use ZADD NUMBERS for tasks ranging from basic accounting all the way to tapping into our Virtual CFO advisory service.

At ZADD TRANSLATE, we've built a new kind of a communication company that helps global clients and organizations communicate flawlessly in a rapidly changing Arab world, by providing mission-critical translation support. We eliminate the Arabic-English language barrier and ensure clear and effective communication, delivering the right message to the right audience, for clients in specific sectors such as management consulting, legal and NGOs. We integrate translation seamlessly into our clients' communication value chain, effectively becoming their in-house translation team.

At ZADD STUDIO, we've built a graphic arts and digital media powerhouse that is helping publishers, creative agencies and corporations focus on the creativity of producing beautiful publications, sites and campaigns, while we do the heavy lifting of implementing layouts, managing visual assets and digital content.


A flexible accounting service that frees you up to do what you do best - run your business.


When your communication with the Arab World is mission-critical, don’t get lost in translation.


Your in-house graphic arts studio - doutside the box.

ZADD: ADD value, SUBTRACT hassle. Plug us in.


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